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Abstract electronic music festival in Uzbekistan
14 September 2018
Concept and cause

The abstract visual above is a satellite image of the Aral region made using light filters by the European Space Agency in 2017.

The Aral Sea was once the world's fourth-largest saline lake. Over recent decades, man-made diversions have caused it to shrink to a mere shadow of its former size and created the most acute environmental problem in the Central Asian region.

In a speech at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, Uzbekistan's President Mirziyoyev called on the global community to pay attention to this natural catastrophe and pushed for the consolidation of efforts to resolve the crisis.

The festival was approved by the protocol of Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan No.24/1-232 as of 30 April 2018. The mission of the Stihia festival is to raise global awareness about the desiccation of the Aral Sea and encourage both its revitalisation and a more responsible and rational approach to using water in the region.

(background music: Osse - Experiment III)
Stihia festival will be held at the Moynaq Ship Graveyard in Uzbekistan, where a monument commemorating the tragedy of the Aral Sea now stands.

The hypnotic and harmonic sounds will be directed towards the lost sea, with the DJs echoing the rainmakers who were once part of the region's nomadic tribes.
Electronic ambience
We want to provide an escape from the generic music you hear during your day-to-day existence in clubs and bars; a non-commercial abstraction-fuelled line up that transcends standard electronic music
Walking tours
Moynaq port was once a thriving fishing port. The abandoned site's vast emptiness and scenic panoramas provide a tonic for the bustle and drama of daily life.
The seabed has some of the lowest light pollution levels in the world, creating an indescribably majestic night sky. This effect is heightened during the new moon, which will coincide with Stihia festival on 14 September.
Savitsky Museum of Art
In the nearby city of Nukus you can visit the Savitsky Museum of Art, which houses the world's second-largest collection of Russian avant-garde works, as well as one of Asia's best art collections. You will also find Moynaq's city museum close by.
The line-up will feature avant-garde electronic music, including ambient, ambient techno, electro and other types of intelligent dance music. You can hear snippets of the type of music and sounds you can look forward to below.
Dasha Redkina
Within the concept of ARMA17 club, Redkina has been implementing musical concepts on her artistic path touring the world under the brand and on her own, and forming other artistic collaborations. Currently based in Bеrlin, Dasha is working in experimental sound, making improv performances at Berghain and Funkhaus in 2018.
HVL is the project of Gigi Jikia – resident DJ of BASSIANI and HOROOM. In 2013, HVL was awarded as an ELECTRONAUTS VI at the award ceremony of music and innovative pop culture. Today, HVL is one of the most productive and successful Georgian artists.
Interchain is a new Moscow punk-techno duo inspired by Detroit classics, early Bunker Records recordings, early '80s European underground, anarcho-punk and dark synthpop.
Orgatanatos - independent experimental post-digital project from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Project focuses on ambient, glitchcore, noise and other experimental styles.
Maria Breslavets
Resident of the project Fragment, equally juggling with techno, techno-house and house styles.
Curator of the project Fragment. Active propagandist of modern electronic music in Uzbekistan.. Has encyclopaedic knowledge in music.
Audiophile, owner of one of the largest collections of electronic music on vinyl in Tashkent.

Stihia is a one-day overnight festival starting on 14 September 2018 and finishing on 15 September 2018.

We are expecting festival goers from all over the Central Asian region and beyond. There is a flight that departs from Tashkent at 7am and arrives in Nukus at 8.30am on Friday. Make your way to Nukus in time to catch the shuttle, which departs from Nukus airport at 2pm. Alternatively, you can arrange a taxi in advance. We will arrive in Moynaq around 5pm to check in at a hotel or set up tents (see below for more details on accommodation options). A traditional Uzbek plov will then be served for dinner.

Later enjoy a walking tour to the Ship Graveyard, visit the local saline quarries to enjoy the health benefits of breathing in the fresh air, or learn about the history of the Aral Sea at one of the local museums.

At 6pm the aural expedition will begin: the rhythm will start gently then gradually increase, with the cosmic rhythms of electro and the dense and resonant beats of techno, along with periodic shifts to atmospheric ambient music. This musical adventure will continue non-stop for ten hours.

The next day, on Saturday 15 September, we will all depart to Nukus at around noon. There, you can visit the Savitsky Museum and take a stroll around the city. At 10pm that evening, you will depart to Tashkent from the local airport.

(image of the Aral Sea ices, courtesy of DMCii)
UN Joint Programme
The acute problem of the Aral Sea is one of the central issues in the UN's agenda in Uzbekistan. It has resulted in overwhelming programme, named as 'Building the resilience of communities affected by the Aral Sea disaster through the Multi-partner Human Security Fund for the Aral Sea'

The Aral Sea Fund, established within the UN joint programme, is an innovative-pooled financing mechanism developed for solution of multifaceted, complex social, economic, environmental, humanitarian and other problems in a holistic approach.

It is expected that the establishment of the Aral Sea Fund will significantly improve the effectiveness of efforts undertaken to improve the livelihoods of local people, improve infrastructure, create favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and the private sector, and contribute to the socio-economic and environmental development of the Aral Sea region.

The Dream

One day divers to the depths of the Aral Sea will search for the Great Unknown.

The solution to the Aral Sea problem is rooted in a clear understanding of the gravity of this environmental tragedy, as well as in the streamlined coordination of the efforts of neighbouring states, the private sector and all those who are invested in the fate of the Aral Sea region.

We, as global citizens, will use our voices to draw even more attention to this issue as our hope for a solution continues to grow...

Let's flood the Aral Sea with an ocean of sounds!

Otabek Suleimanov
Enthusiast of sound landscapes. Vinyl records collector. Partner to CENTIL.
Shahrizod Gulyamova
Planner, knows everything about festivals. Leader of Trendsetter.
Sanjar Halmuradov
Internal combustion engine
Group leader for auto-caravans in our steppes. Leader of Peopletravel.
Here you will find answers to key questions. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact us using the details below.
What Stihia means in English?
There is no direct translation of very encompassing and уеt succinct Russian word "stihia" (стихия) into the English. The closest meanings are "force of nature", "unstoppable events", "elements of life", "spontaneous forces of the everything".
How can I get to Moynaq?
You can reach Moynaq from Nukus by car in about 2 hours. Free shuttles and buses will also be provided. There is a flight from Tashkent to Nukus at 7am, with a return flight from Nukus to Tashkent on Saturday at 10pm. You may also travel via Urgench, which is a four-hour drive from Moynaq. As the festival will take place during high season, we recommend buying tickets at least two months in advance. Reach out to us if you need assistance getting to the Location.
Where can I stay once I'm there?
You will have various options for accommodation. Contact us in advance if you would like to book either a room in one of Moynaq's various hotels or a yurt to yourself. Alternatively, you can embrace the festival's connection to nature and bring a tent to camp. Reach out to us if you need assistance.
Can i rent a tent?
Yes, you can, please, write to us and we will make arrangements.
Will any food be provided?
At Friday evening we will serve a free traditional Uzbek plov. There will then be an on-site food truck selling another meal, a sandwich bar and a non-alcoholic bar. You are also free to bring your own food, of course.
Will there be sanitary facilities?
For those who are not staying in a hotel, we will provide bio-toilets and washing facilities. There will be rubbish bins for you to dispose of any rubbish or waste. These will be clearly signposted.
What about security and medical services?
The festival site will be guarded and secure. However, you will be responsible for the safety of your personal belongings. In terms of medical facilities, there will be a medic on site.
Will I need a visa?
If you are a citizen of a CIS country, you will not need a visa. If you are travelling from other countries, we will be happy to provide visa support depending on your requirements. We will make sure that the festival is worth your trip!
How much do tickets cost?
Attendance is free of charge as the festival is a not-for-profit event financed by public funds and sponsors. However, other than the shuttle from Nukus airport to the festival site, visitors must cover their own transportation costs. Accommodation and food costs will also be at your own expense. It will be free to camp.
Which DJ equipment will be used?
The stage will be rigged with suspended lighting and powerful speakers to launch the music beyond the horizon! We will have two Technics 1210 turntables (or Audiotechnica - LP120s), Allen&Heath Xone:92 mixer, and a pair of Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS.
Can I take part as a DJ?
If you have talent and something special to offer, why not, but for the next year! We are always looking for hidden talent and exceptional vinyl mastery. Please, email us with link to your mixes.

Most importantly, we are looking for people who share our belief that electronic music is not just music to dance to, but rather a futuristic statement. If this resonates with you, contact us!
Are you interested in art installations?
Of course! If you believe you could create eye-catching and inspiring art to adorn the already impressive backdrop, reach out to us. As well as drawing attention to the Aral Sea crisis, we also want to shine a light on local talent and give artists, whether musical or visual, an opportunity to express themselves
Can I sponsor the festival?
There are definitely sponsorship opportunities, as festival costs for audio and video equipment, camping infrastructure, security, power and marketing all add up. Your logo and a link to your website would be featured on the festival website, though no sponsor branding will be offered at the site itself.
Does the festival site have mobile phone coverage?
Yes, all local operators provide coverage at the siteб but please adhere to mobile phone etiquette. We prefer that you enjoy the music and scenery, and get disconnected from reality for some time.

Registration is now over.
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